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Your air conditioner does more than keep your rooms wonderfully cool. By circulating and filtering the air in your home, cooling units trap airborne particulates and contaminants, reduce mold growth, and greatly benefit those who suffer from allergies or sensitivities. You also enjoy dehumidification, which reduces the number of dust mites and other insects. These services are provided by clean, efficient cooling systems, working up to full capacity. Clog that same system with pollen, dust, dander and even algae and mold, and it will fail to meet your demands.

Save Money with AC Maintenance

A clean, well-adjusted unit promotes a fresher home and healthier indoor air quality. A neglected system does the exact opposite. Your equipment can harbor mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria, which can be sprayed into your home every time your air conditioner runs. Polluted air, due to contaminated HVAC equipment, can trigger flu-like symptoms, headaches, irritated eyes, nose and throat, respiratory infections and asthma attacks. By scheduling service with Stegall, our qualified professionals will maintain your equipment in peak conditioning, allowing your family to breathe easier and feel better.

A/C Service Can Prevent Future Breakdowns!

A great deal of air transfer is needed to maintain a perfectly cool home. The hot air inside of your home is drawn outside and into the condenser coil. The condenser coil must be clean and free from defects to perform properly. Dirt and pollen, caked in the recesses between the fins of the coil can greatly diminish airflow and propel energy bills unnecessarily high. Professional and thorough cleaning of the blower’s fan blades is one of the ways the trained technicians from Stegall keep your unit operating efficiently, reliably, and quietly.

AC Repair Services in Birmingham, AL | AC Service Mountain Brook, AL

Your cooling system is the difference between a rewarding and relaxing summer, and sticky days, and sleepless nights. You’ve invested in total comfort and need to protect it with regular maintenance. Scheduled in the spring, service prepares equipment for the workload ahead, uncovering any potential problems, worn or broken parts, and cleaning needs. The work is quick, cost-effective and provides outstanding rewards. Call Stegall, and let us keep your air conditioning system in tip-top shape.

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AC Repair Services in Birmingham, AL | Air Conditioning Service Mountain Brook, AL

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