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To prevent costly plumbing repairs, preventative maintenance is essential. Problems with your plumbing can strike without warning, and sometimes go unnoticed, leading to extensive damage.  Professional inspection form Stegall will uncover minor issues before they graduate into big problems.  Hidden leaks in sink drains or below water heaters are more than just a nuisance.  If neglected, they can cause structural issues.  Once water penetrates sheetrock or plaster, it can promote, mildew and mold growth and become a serious health concern.

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Although you’re actively using the faucets and drains in sinks and tubs, you might not catch minor defects. The certified plumbers from Stegall will carefully inspect your home’s pipes and drains, checking for corrosion, pressure, and drainage. By quickly addressing any problems, we can eliminate sudden repair needs and prevent potential malfunctions. By performing pressure tests, we’ll reveal any hairline leaks. Conscientious cleaning of shower heads and aerators on faucets will promote ideal water flow by removing sediment and mineral deposits.  Drain treatment allows for proper flow rate and reduces the potential of clogs.

Plumbing Repair, Service & Installation

If you are faced with a plumbing difficulty, call Stegall at the first sign of a problem. Even something as simple as a dripping faucet can add up to hundreds of gallons of wasted water and inflated water bills.  When a faucet barely trickles, sediment in aerators or a leak in the pipes may be responsible.  If you’re forced jiggle the handle every time you flush the toilet, living with slow or clogged drains, wet spots, or leaking pipes, Stegall has the affordable, skilled help your need.   We’ll take good care of your plumbing and your home, work within your schedule, and never leave you with our mess to clean up.

At Stegall We Offer a Variety of Services:
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Plumbing Service in Birmingham, AL | Plumbing Repair Mountain Brook, AL | Plumber Vestavia, AL

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We called Stegall on Sunday evening and Justin was the technician on call. He was an absolute pleasure to deal...
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Jason came out to our house at 2am to fix our water heater because it was just spraying water for...
Nicholas D.
They’re expensive like all plumbing but when I got multiple quotes, their quote was comparatively reasonable, and they did do...
Kelly G.
Brad at Stegall was the third plumber I called to come to my house after a week of issues with...
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Great company and overall experience. Joe Rider was very prompt, professional and courteous getting our heat pump sorted and back...
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